To Coexist Is To Surrender
Coexist 215
Year 2014
Duration 12:33
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This song describes the Siege of Anicetus, which happened prior to the events of Empyrean and after the events in Conqueror. It provides backstory on why Alithea hates Empyrean.

Story Overview Edit

Anicetus is the capital city of Acheron and this song depicts Empyrean attacking it. The titanborn are controlling their Titans and fighting on both sides of the conflict. The only survivors escape into orbit aboard the specters and find shelter in the Cepheus Ring around Acheron. Empyrean forces then initiate the Empyrean Extermination Sequence, which will destroy all life on Acheron.

Amyntas entered the simulation chamber at the end of Xenon to receive these memories but I think it is Alithea relating this story. Or at least, her voice is heard during the battle. After watching Anicetus get destroyed, she vows revenge on Empyrean. This ties back to Xenon where Alithea plans to use you to destroy Empyrean.

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Acheron soldier

Acheron Soldier

Empyrean soldier

Empyrean Soldier

Coexist poster

To Coexist Is To Surrender Poster

Lyrics Edit

- Sentient #2154
Neurological output augmentation complete
Sweep memory for simulation analysis
Stabilizing biometrics for memory transmission -

- Communications located
"Headquarters has issued a full scale
withdraw of the entire city
Invasion force detected" -

Countless lives on both sides
Dancing atop a man-made line

Paralyzed each time my eyes look upon
Anicetus, every sunrise

Only humans endure the cruelty of time
Raising a flag becomes the only purpose in life
Only humans endure the cruelty of time

A glance upward with such feeble eyes
Tormented by what pierces the sky
A million stars frozen in time

Fables speak of a time when titans breathed
Carving a world, reduced to a frozen sleep

Advancing from all sides
We feast to the sounds of Empyrean cries
We are the bringer of storms
Now sing the Leviathan War Cry

Only humans endure the cruelty of time
We shall not kneel to the omnipotent force
Of these lifeless eyes

Some speak of a distant world
Where lies the origin of our blood
We humans forsworn all
Titles other than Earthborn

Fables speak of a time when humans fled
A distant world consumed by entropy

We humans forsworn all
Titles other than Earthborn

"Do you read? The atmosphere above the city
is falling apart. High command is offline,
we are in the dark now"

- "Anicetus is lost. I repeat, Anicetus is lost.
The Specters are leaving,
taking their chances in orbit.
The Empyrean Extermination Sequence has begun" -

This weapon the ultimate peacekeeper
Pulls up the sky, draining the light
Eclipsing the sunrise
This world will feast to the sounds
of Terrea's War Cry

A biotic induced fail-safe protocol
Transferring power to bionic control

Tapping into the blood stream
Hydrus, inducing inhuman mobility

Empyrean technology
Lifeless austerity
The war which we fight
Has enemies on both sides

From the thunders of war
To the eye of the storm
Now embrace the fact

- "Prepare for impact" -

Prepare for impact
Brace for impact

My flesh turning cold
As death comes in the form of a Titan's roar

Another nation crushed by the weight
of tyrants and gods
The rain begins to fall
A color never seen before

Breathe the air of this falling world
As the northern rains fall
I stand covered in blood of Anicetus

- "Is this reaching anyone?
The Specters are gone, they are all gone.
Does anyone read me? Do you read?
They are all gone. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." -

Below these blackened clouds
My home, my heart
As long as I breathe
Empyrean will never know peace

I will make them see what it is to bleed

- "Titans, can you hear me?" -

These fabled machines
Bringing gods to their knees

- "Titans, can you hear me?" -

- "Titans, can you hear me?" -

Humans bound for war eternally
Until your last breath, you were never free

Hide behind both gods and kings, and you will see
Until your last breath, you were never free

The worlds which we burn are the
Are the worlds we deserve
Until your last breath

Trivia Edit

"To coexist is to surrender" is what was said by the forces of Empyrean right before the attack.