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Code Name: Universal Terraform Unit (U.T.U.)

Anicetus was the first Titan, built on Earth. It brought the surviving humans from Earth to Acheron after Earth was destroyed during the events of Conqueror. During the journey, Anicetus' AI selected 10 humans and rewired their brains, giving them the ability to control future Titans. This created the Titanborn. Upon arriving at Acheron, Anicetus left the humans in orbit and went to the surface to terraform the planet. Later, Anicetus became the capitol city of Acheron but was eventually destroyed during the Siege of Anicetus. The name Anicetus means "invincible" in Greek.

Titanborn Edit

Anicetus' Titanborn is Amyntas, one of the main characters in the story. When Anicetus finished terraforming Acheron, it sounded an alarm to notify the surviving humans. This alarm also woke Amyntas, making him the first Titanborn to wake after the journey from Earth.

Titan Guard Edit

I'm not sure which Titan Drakon is assigned to, but given that all other known Titan Guard have an assigned Titan, I'll assume Drakon is the Titan Guard for Anicetus and Amyntas.


Titan Guard - Drakon

Titan guard

Titan Guard - Drakon