The Soldier of Earth is the main character of the story for Conqueror, Andromeda, and the first half of Empyrean. In the war on Earth between the UNI and IGC he fought for the UNI in the year 2154. While the UNI was predominantly a Christian force, the soldier didn't believe in any religion. He felt religion was created to manipulate and control people. When Andara and a group of humans left the Earth aboard Anicetus,[1] the soldier heard Andara's message. He recorded his thoughts and experiences and sent them to Anicetus' AI. Anicetus kept these memories for hundreds of years until finally using them in an attempt to heal Amyntas after his memory was wiped by enemy forces. During this period, when Amyntas only had the soldier's memories, he was called Sentient #2154[2][3] a reference to the year the Soldier's memories were recorded.

  1. The World We Lost
  2. Amyntas
  3. To Coexist Is To Surrender