Mechina is an American industrial-death-metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They have no record label and are completely self-funded. The band has three members: David Holch, Joe Tiberi, and Mel Rose. The sounds they create (mixing symphonic, electronic, and traditional instruments) are primarily made on a computer. For this reason, Mechina is not a touring band. With no label and no touring support, Mechina have built a dedicated fanbase solely by making their music available online.

Even without the scifi-themed lyrics, Mechina's mixing of symphonies with electronic and heavy metal sounds has led some fans to refer to their style of music as "Mass Effect Metal"[1], a reference to the series of video games.

When reviewing Xenon, one reviewer described their music like this:

If you've never heard Mechina's music before, they sound a lot like what
would happen if Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth were digitized a-la Tron and
forced to fight Daft Punk and Skrillex in an epic battle to the death
within a computerized arena where no holds are barred and the laws of
physics are distorted.[2]
Holch 215

David Holch

Tiberi 215

Joe Tiberi

Mel Rose

Mel Rose

  1. After all the comments regarding Cepheus, I think we should change our genre description to "Mass Effect Metal" -