Mass Locked
Progenitor 215
Album Progenitor
Duration 1:40
Track Number 1
Preceded By:
Followed By:
2. Ashes of Old Earth

Story Overview Edit

Anicetus left Earth 110 years ago headed in the direction of Alpha Centauri[1]. It has found a planet which may be able to sustain the lives of the humans on board. The humans are awakened from cryosleep to see this new planet.

Story Details Edit

Lyrics Edit

Proximity alert
Destination reached
Stabilizing cryobay life support systems
Cryosleep complete, stand by

[Andara, awakening from 110 years of cryosleep,
in high orbit above what will be known as planet Acheron]

Opening starscape windows
  1. Destination Alpha Centauri. Estimated cryo sleep duration, 120 years. - The World We Lost

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