Lethean Waves
Acheron 215
Album Acheron
Duration 04:56
Track Number 6
Preceded By:
5. The Halcyon Purge
Followed By:
7. Ode to the Forgotten Few

In Greek Mythology, Lethe is a river in Hades that causes forgetfulness. The dead could only be reincarnated after drinking the water of the Lethe and forgetting their previous life.

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Alithea flies the Nefeli to the Cepheus Ring around Acheron to join with the rest of the survivors. Amyntas is badly damaged and his memory has been wiped. Alithea puts him into cryosleep and injects the memories of The Soldier of Earth to help his body and mind recover. As he sleeps, he experiences the events of Conqueror and Andromeda as if they were his memories.

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Trivia Edit

In the beggining you can hear a gregorian chant called Agnus dei, an ancient catholic hymn based upon John the Baptist's reference in John 1:29 to Jesus ("Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world"), referencing how Jesus was sent by the father as a sacrificial lamb to rid the world of sin.

The text in Latin is:

Miserere nobis, Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi