Empyrean 215
Year 2013
Duration 49:26
# Tracks 11
Preceded By:
Followed By:

Empyrean is the second album in the As Embers Turn To Dust story and contains a twist in the story. The events of Conqueror and Andromeda weren't real, but they have shaped your beliefs and desires.

Story Overview Edit

After spending time on Andromeda, you return to the scorched remains of Earth. You are the lone survivor on a dead planet. Suddenly, you awaken from cryostasis to learn that all your memories of Earth were a simulation. You awaken on a different planet, Empyrean. It is the year 2632. However, your time on Andromeda has still left you desiring a peaceful world without religion. You think maybe Empyrean has this Just City you've been seeking.

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Aporia 01:18
2 Asterion 03:34
3 Interregnum 05:41
4 Imperialus 03:10
5 Anathema 05:28
6 Catechism 05:51
7 [ Cryostasis_simulation__2632_01 ] 01:04
8 Elephtheria 04:05
9 Empyrean 04:57
10 Infineon 04:01
11 Terminus 10:17

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