Empyrean 215
Album Empyrean
Duration 3:34
Track Number 2
Preceded By:
1. Aporia
Followed By:
3. Interregnum

Asterion is Greek for "ruler of the stars"

Story Overview Edit

This song confuses me. You are the only character so far and all of Conqueror was spent despising religion. Yet this song refers to a return to Earth (and you did just return from Andromeda) and becoming a new god. I don't know why you would want to take the title of a god given everything in Conqueror. I'd like to think this is some other character attempting to establish itself as a god of this scorched earth.

Story Details Edit

Lyrics Edit

A past once forgotten
Reappears and reinstates
The nature of man
This orbital firestorm
Foreshadows my return
I shall regain power over
the remnants of earth
I have returned
All shall obey and kneel
before your new god
Salvation becoming a specter
Blurring the line between
Freedom and indoctrination

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