As Embers Turn To Dust
As embers turn to dust
Year 2017
Duration 1:05:29
# Tracks 10
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Story Overview Edit

Humans have fled the Earth and reached a new planet, Acheron, which will be their new home after terraforming is complete.  The first Titan, Anicetus, has detached from the humans' ship and entered the atmosphere to begin the terraforming process.  However, the pre-terraformed atmosphere above Acheron is too dense and the humans have not received any signals from Anicetus.  They fear Anicetus was destroyed upon impact on the surface.  As they wait aboard the Cepheus Ring, they send Vanguards to the surface in the hopes that they will find Anicetus and re-establish communications.

The Vanguards succeed in their mission, reaching the surface of Acheron and detecting a weak signal from Anicetus.  The terraforming process is working; the atmosphere is thinning and connection is re-established with those on the Cepheus Ring.  The Vanguards begin scouting out locations for potential human colonies.

Meanwhile, Enyo, Alithea's twin sister, has lived on the Cepheus Ring while the Titanborn slept.  She has studied the Titanborn and their augmentations.  She believes through augmentation humans can become immortal, free from pain and aging.  She has no interest in settling on Acheron; she and her followers will stay on the Cepheus Ring and push the limits of what it means to be human.  When the time comes, the humans on Acheron will submit to them or be destroyed.

Alternate Artwork Edit

Embers poster

As Embers Turn To Dust Poster

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Godspeed Vanguards 9:07
2 Creation Level Event 6:47
3 Impact Proxy 8:22
4 Aetherion Rain 3:56
5 The Synesthesia Signal 7:00
6 Unearthing The Daedalian Ancient 7:11
7 The Tellurian Pathos 7:40
8 Thus Always To Tyrants 5:31
9 Division Through Distance 5:23
10 As Embers Turn To Dust 4:26